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  • Toms Book on CD
    Dear Richard,
    I saw some of your postings on the Dorough Family Web page regarding the Dorough/Dorrough Family book.   We tried to contact Toms daughters both by phone and email, but we were unable to get any response regarding this book.   My father Les Dorrough (Hillsboro, OR), Ed Dorough, and so many others contributed to Tom's wonderful book.   We think that Tom, Ed, and all other contributors to this book would really like to have this book be made more widely and freely available.   To this effect, we have scanned in the entire most recent edition of Tom's Book and turned it into a .PDF file (the book is not copyrighted).   We intend to make this file freely available, and intend no personal gain from this.   We have considered posting it on a web page where it could be downloaded (approximately 25 MB), or simply mailing it to people for the actual cost of materials and postage (probably one or two dollars).   Whatever the cost is, it will be our actual costs only, we do not want to make a penny off this.   We would simply email it to people freely, but of course 25 MB is much too large for an email attachment.   So, if you know of anyone desiring a copy of this book, you could have them email me or my father Les Dorrough.   I intend to make a posting soon on the Genealogy.Com web page to this effect in the coming days.

    Warm Regards,
    Michael Dorrough
    Milwaukee, WI